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Seasonal Worker


Key Requirements:

    •    16 years of age

    •    Available to work 40+ hours/week

    •    Able to do strenuous physical work

    •    Not a tobacco user

    •    A good attitude




Workers will perform manual tasks involving the planting, care, harvest, and packaging of fresh produce. Typical spring work includes digging ditches, preparing and installing irrigation pipe, securing plastic mulch with a shovel, transplanting plants and pulling weeds. Summer work includes hoeing weeds, crop maintenance, irrigation maintenance, harvesting crops, lifting and carrying harvest containers, making boxes, sorting and packaging produce, stacking boxes, wrapping skids, moving skids, waiting on customers, loading trucks, sweeping the floor, and wiping down packing equipment.




  • $15.50/hr. and up based on experience.

  • A variety of work keeps things interesting

  • Flexible work schedule. Vacation time available upon request with adequate notice.

  • Unpaid lunch break from 12pm -1pm. 

  • Wages paid weekly on Friday.


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