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Social Sustainability:


Respect for and fair treatment of workers today, so those people will be willing and able to do this essential work tomorrow.

Working on our family farm


A.T. Buzby Farm is managed by Andrew and Dawn Buzby, their son Eric and his wife Martie. The grandkids are now old enough to help too. This truly is a family farm!


We love what we do and we're looking for people who believe in the importance of local family farms. We farm 170 acres of hand-picked fresh produce and this requires many hands. We hire 12 migrant workers May-October and another 12 local seasonal workers in addition to several year-round employees.


The workday at the farm starts at 7am April-June and 6am July-September. We're normally done at 5pm, but it's common for us to work till 6 when the harvest peaks in July. We provide a coffee/ soda break for all employees mid-morning and lunch is 12-1pm. The work continues rain or shine whether it's freezing or steaming hot. Many things can be learned on a farm and a good work-ethic is possibly the most valuable of these.


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