CSA Terms and Conditions

The Risk

Farming is unpredictable by nature. Even though we are carefully planning to provide you with a great variety of excellent quality produce for the 20-week season, there is no guarantee of the contents of your weekly share. We can guarantee that you will get a share each week, but not exactly what that share will include.


Your Responsibility
  • Please treat your pick up time as an appointment. Mark it on your calendar.

  • If you don't pick up your share during the scheduled time, we cannot save your share for later. Shares that are not picked up will be given to employees or donated to a local food pantry.

  • If you are splitting your share with someone else, please designate one person to pick up, then split it between yourselves later.

  • When you arrive at the farm, you will find a label with your name on it indicating which items are in your share. 

  • Some items will be pick-your-own. Be prepared to walk a short distance to the field and wear appropriate shoes. This will also take a few extra minutes of your time, but we hope you will enjoy this experience.

  • If you are unable to do the pick-your-own because of bad weather or other reasons, you may return to do it during any of the next 6 days from 3pm - 6pm.

  • If you choose to pick up your share at an off-farm location, we will include an equitable portion of pick-your-own items excluding minor herbs and cut flowers. You may also feel free to stop by the farm and pick your own any day from 3pm - 6pm.

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